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Promoting the wellbeing of the world's people together

-- 2011 New Year Speech delivered by Hu Jintao, President of the People's Republic of China

December 31, 2010



Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends,


The New Year's bell is about to ring, and 2011 will soon begin. At this beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, via China Radio International, China National Radio and China Central Television, I am delighted to extend New Year greetings to Chinese of all ethnic groups, to compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan, to overseas Chinese and to friends all over the world!


The year of 2010 has been a very unusual and uncommon one for the Chinese people. Facing difficult domestic and international situations, Chinese people of all ethnic groups united in one heart and one mind, with perseverance, successfully dealt with the disasters brought about by the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province and the Zhouqu mudslide in Gansu Province. We successfully held Shanghai World Expoand Guangzhou Asian Games. We maintained a stable and relatively fast economic growth, and successfully completed the goals set up in the 11th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development. The living standard of the Chinese people has been further improved. The economic strength and the overall national strength have been further strengthened. The Chinese people conducted friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation with the rest of the world, actively participated in efforts by the international community to deal with the global financial crisis, climate change, and nuclear safety, and made further contributions to world peace and development.


Here on behalf of the Chinese government and people, I would like to express the most sincere thanks to the governments and people of all the countries that have supported us in the past year!

2011年是中国进入“十二五”时期的开局之年。在新的一年里,中国人民将继续高举中国特色社会主义伟大旗帜,以邓小平理论和“三个代表” 重要思想为指导,深入贯彻落实科学发展观,以科学发展为主题,以加快转变经济发展方式为主线,实施积极的财政政策和稳健的货币政策,加快推进经济结构调整,着力保障和改善民生,不断深化改革开放,保持经济平稳较快发展,促进社会和谐稳定。我们将坚持“一国两制”、“港人治港”、“澳人治澳”、高度自治的方针,紧紧依靠广大香港同胞、澳门同胞,努力保持香港、澳门长期繁荣稳定。我们将坚持“和平统一、一国两制”的方针,牢牢把握两岸关系和平发展主题,继续推进两岸交流合作,不断造福两岸同胞。

The year 2011 marks the beginning of China's implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development. In the upcoming year, we will unswervingly uphold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, deepen the implementation of the Scientific Outlook on Development under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, pursue a path of scientific development, accelerate the change of development mode and structural adjustment, and maintain a proactive fiscal and stable monetary policy. We will pay more attention to deepening the reform and opening up and further improving people's welfare. We will make overall plans to guarantee a stable and relatively fast economic growth and social harmony and stability. We will uphold the principles of "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and "Macao people governing Macao" with a high degree of autonomy. We will work together with our compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao to maintain long-term prosperity and stability in the two Special Administrative Regions. We will adhere to the Principles of "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems", and firmly grasp the theme of cross-Straits relations and peaceful development, strengthen the cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation, and bring continuous well-being to compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.


At present, the world is moving further towards multi-polarity and globalization while the innovation of science an technology is brewing new breakthroughs. But, at the same time, the recovery of world economy is still facing many hardships; global issues such as climate change, energy, resources, food and public sanitary security are prominent; and international and regional hot spots are popping up. World peace and development face grave challenges. To strengthen global cooperation and meet the challenges in a joint way is to the best interest of the people of all countries. I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm that China will uphold the banner of peace, development and cooperation and adhere to an independent and peaceful foreign policy. We will unswervingly take the road of peaceful development and implement a strategy of opening up for mutual benefit and win-win situation, actively develop friendly cooperation with all countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, actively participate in efforts by the international community to deal with the global issues, and strive to build a harmonious world with lasting peace and common prosperity.


At this moment on this planet we inhabit, there are still people who are suffering the effects of war, poverty, sickness and natural disasters. The Chinese people have great sympathy for their pain, and are always willing to do all we can to help them overcome the difficulties. I believe, with sustained efforts of people of all countries, the world is sure to progress, and humanity's well-being is certain to improve.


Finally, from here in Beijing, I would like to wish you all happiness, peace and health in the New Year!